July 10, 2018

The Divine Unknown

As of late I have fallen especially in love with the Divine Unknown.

Like madly, deeply IN LOVE with all that I don’t know.

The places I used to hang on have actually become intensely exhilarating corners for a love affair with the great mystery.

Now, I have been preaching and practicing surrender for some time. As it relates to our beauty, to our desires, to our aliveness your bodies, our romantic love, but this is a whole other level.

Last weekend my husband and I put our stuff in storage and set out on some extended travel and thankfully, I get to take my work with me wherever I go.

What is incredible is the very thing we are doing now is part of what ended my first marriage.

At the time, (22 years old and married to my first husband) my answer to this life event was a BIG NO, it’s not aligned. And it wasn’t.

But life changes us, it changes how we see ourselves. We also change along the way. Who I was back then when I said NO, is definitely not who I am now when I said YES.

Similarly, at eighteen I was very serious about my personal development and speaking to rooms of 500+ adults. I was preparing and in training to lead big transformational events.

If at that time you would have told me at twenty-four I would be working in a “strip club” in D.C, I would have told you were certifiably insane and that you had no idea who I was, etc..etc…

The truth is, at eighteen I had no idea who I would be at twenty-four.

Imagine with me….

You are eighteen, you have just become and adult…

And you get a list from the universal manager with the full details of all of your life events to come, including exact times and dates of heart breaks, deaths, tragedy, blessings, births, promotions, etc.

Can you imagine with your eighteen year old awareness how many of those things you would have said NO to?

Can you see how much of the juice of life lessons would have disappeared?

Now Imagine Again…

The same list is presented to you TODAY, it lists all that has already happened and across every event is the soul lesson and blessing of growth that came from each event.

How much to do you say YES to now? knowing the lessons and powerful initiation you have gone through?

My point is this… We don’t know… Ever.

We desire, we plan, we congregate, we create, we hope, we make offerings, we pray, and often we worry.

We worry about making a mistake, taking the wrong path for ourselves and our families.

In truth all there is the Great Mystery!!!

What I know is that she is seeking to love you madly, deeply, unabashedly and she can’t do it if you hang on.

I know we have all been hurt, we all have our wounding, but the choice to trust is a moment to moment choice.

In this Now Moment, I want to invite you to breathe and trust….

Trust you are beautiful

Trust there are no mistakes

Trust you are exactly where you need to be

Trust you are loved

Trust you are LOVE

Trust in the very thing that pumps the blood through your veins and breathes your breath to love you.

I love you!

Deep bow,


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