February 10, 2017

The Cure for Restlessness

The last few months have been so strange and also wonderful for me. While I have been serving my amazing clients, I have also been writing speeches, a chapter of an upcoming book with some amazing colleagues, and also super restless.

I knew change was coming, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Thankfully, I have learned when this happens, I need to up my practice. This means, more dance, more meditation, more time with my mentors, and more surrender to the Divine Unknown.

Today, I write to you from the other side of this restlessness with more clarity.

Do you ever get  this restless feeling?

You know when you want to make change, but just don’t know how?

I am talking about when the desire for change, your longing, becomes its own entity living with you.  It begins to zap your energy, you get slightly depressed, but not too depressed. Something isn’t working, but you can’t put your finger on it because life is basically good.

You have career success, you have your health, maybe you are in a loving relationship and still…. what is this nagging dullness that you try to push down?

Deep down you might be afraid if you really allow yourself to look at this feeling that your whole “perfect life” might just get blown up.

I hear this all the time from women, they are afraid to really look at this dullness because they are afraid they will leave their husbands and children and join the circus, or something equally scary.

Here is the truth: these symptoms are actually a sign that YOU, your spiritual self have gotten too big for your current life.  The restlessness is the IMPULSE of LIFE calling to you to CLAIM MORE aliveness, joy, love, abundance, all of it…

This perfect life that was created by the vision you had for yourself 3, 5, or 10 years ago no longer fits and that is OKAY.

What you live today was once a vision, because you are a creator, creators must keep creating.

As long as you keep yourself busy with the kids todos, your own work, your social obligations, etc you won’t really know what that thing is knocking at the door to your soul.

And…Gotta love that EGO, super tricky and genius at keeping you stuck. It is super smart in having you believe/fear that if you actually investigate this deadness, this dull ache in your being that your life would fall apart.

How perfect is this to make sure you don’t seek out the TRUE ALIVENESS that comes from full soul and body alignment?

Dear one, life is a spiral and if you are committed to your growth then every few years, or more quickly you need to reevaluate your life to get current with who you have become.

We all have patterns of how we avoid aspects of growth, much of it is related to the karma we came in with.  There is one book that has helped me as a trusted guide to revisit over the last 8 years and I want to share it with you.

If you are wanting next stage growth/freedom and are not sure how to get fully on board with yourself. Order this book and really allow yourself to go into the 40 or so pages that apply to you. I’d love to know if this helps you. The wisdom of this book is astoundingly accurate and I use it with many of my clients. ***You don’t need to know anything other than your Birthday to read this book!***

Are you ready to take a good look at yourself?

I Invite you to really give yourself the time to receive the deep wisdom of this book. There is no sugar coating it here, this book calls you to the deepest wounds which brought you to this life to be healed.

In Love and Devotion,


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