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She School offers courses, programs, and community events. 

These courses are your gateway to activating your “unique beauty codes”, so you can release the shackles of old beliefs and radiate your authentic beauty.

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Permission Granted

2 Unique Practices. Experience freedom in your body

This transformative and foundational experience provides you with two unique tools. You cannot radiate your “authentic beauty” until you feel safe inside of your own skin.

The “Safety Practice” will provide practices that instill confidence, boundaries and freedom within your body. The next experience in this mini-course is “Transmuting Anger Into Power.” Your anger can be destructive or it can be transformative. This powerful module teaches you how to transform the material of anger into power. This two-module course is a taste of all that’s available to you at SHE School.

The Awake Woman

3 Teaching Practices + Meditation Bundles!

“The Awake Women” supports you with tools and practices that will release yourself from old outdated beliefs and behavior patterns that are ancestral, familial, cultural and generational. If you’d like to unwind from all the subtle ways you’ve been programmed by both your upbringing and the patriarchal systems, this is a course that really sets you free.

In addition to this bundle, you’ll receive a series of meditations you can do anywhere that will support your connection to your eternal self…the part of you that is not limited only to the mind. PLUS – you’ll receive the full Permission Granted Bundle.

Note: Includes the Permission Granted Bundle


SHE School Introductory Course

Step Inside this power packed course and you will gain access to all the foundational pillars of SHE School.

This course is all in support of your “unique beauty codes.” When you activate your “unique beauty codes” you activate an internal power so you can speak volumes before you even say a word!

Get ready to own your visual communication and command any space. This is your entrance to a whole new you.

In this program, you will gain access to teachings and content that has been only available within our high ticket programs!

This is the best value course we offer!


Beauty UnleaSHEd

The She School Signature Program

Imagine what it would feel like to walk through the world with an unshakeable knowing, being fully seen in your divine essence, and embodying style and the kind of grace that infuses you when you are fully alive. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Find out how to turn this vision into your reality.

Radiance - 8 Day Journey

A 8-day live free course offered only twice a year for women ready to embody their beauty, claim their sensuality, and express their power.

During this course, you’ll learn how to see your essence and soul vibration. I will teach you practices and strategies you can implement right now to see your beauty and experience vitality.

The Journey is a becoming.

Watch a preview of Divine Feminine Evolution below.

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Most People Think…

The rise of the feminine has to do with a higher percentage of female leaders within the current antiquated system.

But that’s not the case.

The Rise of the

Feminine is all about reinventing systems from the wisdom of our primal bodies and the wisdom of nature.

Awaken your sacred primal energy and unleash your life-giving wisdom. This is the new feminine leader!

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