July 10, 2018

Remembering Embodied Essence – RISE

Imagine walking down a cobblestone street in Italy wearing a beautiful dress. The sun is hitting the back of your arms as you feel the sway of your wrap around skirt brush against your bare legs.

The air seems different here, it is more alive with possibility.  You are more alive to the possibility. You smell the freshly baked bread and for the first time in probably ever you imagine eating the bread without guilt and with pure pleasure.

You feel the sun hitting the sides of your face and you smile. You didn’t wear sunscreen today because today the Sun is not your enemy, but your friend and ally.

Your whole body is relaxed and relaxing with each step. It is as if you placed all of your worries outside the borders of this magical Italian town to remain nameless.

You feel juicy, in-fact you feel the juices of your sensuous woman self gushing out of you and running down the inside of your leg. This simply because you are turned on. You are turned on by who you are and what is available to you.

Every little thing is inspiring you, you see the Divine everywhere.  You see the possibility for you to connect with others and life as you smile at the little boy/girl twins playing ball outside their house.

Now imagine, having all of this NOW.  You are relaxed into the true essence of what it means to be a woman.  You have glimpsed your magnificence, inner and outer beauty and you will greet life as nothing less.

You will NOT dim your beauty to make others comfortable. You will not model your beauty or your brilliance after what others are doing.

Because you know Osho had it right when he said:  “Your whole idea about yourself is borrowed– borrowed from those who have no idea of who they are themselves .”

You will not play powerless or voiceless when you know, like KNOW with every cell of your body that you are here to be the Voice of truth and Walk the walk of LOVE.

Nor will you condemn those walk in ignorance. Because you my dear are LOVE.

You have become so enlivened, so in love with you, your beauty, your sensual body, your PURE Fucking Magic and You will not pretend you deserve less or that others will become less as you OWN your Infinite capacity to love and be loved.

You will not pretend that your Having it ALL (“It” being your true Self) will take away from anyone.

NO way sister… You say: “ I am here to breathe life into the lifeless corners of this world with the sway of my hips as I walk into the boardroom or the PTA meeting, even while I push the grocery cart down the isles. This is who I AM.”

And to this I say: Aho sister, you have RISEN!!!  I BOW to YOU!

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