Welcome sister!

I am so glad you're here. I am Anahita Joon and I have spent over 10 years and 10,000 hours supporting women just like yourself to return to their power and reveal their sacred divine feminine nature.

As you step foot upon the sacred divine feminine path of SHE you will be joining mother’s, grandmothers, CEO’s, IT executives, healers, shamans, actresses, musicians, coaches, mentors, you name it!

Intro to SHE 90 day Course


It is in times of challenge we discover who and what we truly are.

It is in times like these we either rise or we fall.

You know there is so much more to you…you have known there is a path for you to walk upon…you just haven’t found it…. until now…

Welcome To INTRO to SHE 90 Day Journey To Awaken Your Sacred Divine Feminine

SHE School is the place you enter when you are ready to embark on your journey to heal, activate and embody your sacred divine feminine power.

The single experience of yourself that changes EVERYTHING!

The voice within you has been beckoning to call you forward…to rise..to ascend onto your throne…now is your time.

It is within challenging times a leader, a Queen must be born or you will surrender to a power that will disconnect you from who and what you truly are.

You, dear queen, were born to be the ruler of your life…you were born to break free from the limitations and conditions that have been placed upon you…the feelings of not being enough…or feeling like you’re too much…not accessing ALL of you…

Now, in this moment you can no longer see yourself as a “commoner” , a meager subject without a voice or a vision for your life. 

You were born to own your power, your voice, and to live a life of purpose and passion.

Now, perhaps you have tried other courses and you found yourself uninspired or never completed them. 

The thousands of women that have stepped upon the path of awakening their sacred divine feminine within SHE School have experienced massive transformations and awakenings that have altered the trajectory of their lives.

That is why I  created INTRO TO SHE 90 Day Course  with all of the resources you need to powerfully ascend on your journey to the embodiment of your sacred divine feminine power where your joy, peace and prosperity resides.

Here at SHE School we have supported thousands of women to step into their power and become the leaders or rulers of their life and create the life they truly desire to live.

Whether you desire to call in your soul mate, raise the standards of your current relationship, level up your career or finances, Intro to SHE provides you with the tools and practices that will support you to rise up into your power.

The only time is…NOW!

Now you claim what is yours…purchase INTRO to SHE School now and watch how everything in your life begins to bend to your desire…as it should be..as only the Queen would have it. 

You are magnificent! See you on the path!

What they're saying

What You’ll Get —

Week 1

Awakening and Practice

We begin by giving you the tools to clear inherited familial patterns through simple practices. You learn powerful practices for establishing your sovereignty in the face of societal programming. Learn the most powerful and effective daily practice. Even if you have had a hard time meditating or establishing a practice, this module will transform all of that as you learn how to anchor into your ancient sacred divine feminine wisdom that has always been within you.

Week 2

Your Nervous System

Embodiment and nervous system support are essential when you enter upon the Sacred Feminine Path. This week we cover powerful nervous system support tools for both turning down your activated system in the face of fight or flight as well as how to access more “aliveness” and vitality if you have become numb as a result of pain and trauma.

Week 3

Embody Emotions

It is time to breathe and move. This is a very unique practice lead with live recorded musicians taking you on a journey of emotions through your body!

Week 4

The Safety Practice

You will learn to create a true sense of safety in your body. This powerful and time tested practice will empower you to open your energy centers, feel strong and supported in your root center, open your heart, and be empowered in your voice. This practice is essential for feeling confident, embodied, empowered and has served thousands to RISE into their sacred SHE power.

Week 5

Transmuting Anger to Power

Learn how to transmute anger into power. Learn to move through the emotions of anger to honor the vibrant light of your truth to come forth. This is an alchemical practice. Even if you don’t think you carry anger, fire this practice is especially for you!

Week 6

Activate Your Shakti

We establish the framework as to why awakening the sacred divine feminine life force is essential to navigating today’s modern world.

Receive the Activation of The Sacred Divine Feminine SHE life force & vitality in your body and learn how to partner with this sacred energy to receive wisdom from your body and create healing and clearing of emotional triggers. Freedom is at hand and within all of your body.

Week 7

Lead From Shakti

Pre-recorded live Q & A in the previous 2 weeks plus everything else you need to take your healing into your own hands as you partner with the power and life force that lives in your body.

Week 8

Beauty Codes: Part 1 - Learning to See Yourself - Color

Time to unlock your unique “beauty codes”. Learn to see yourself as a vibrational essence. Beyond the stories of what you thought or were told you should have looked like, it is time to see yourself through the loving eyes of mother nature.

You will learn How to see your unique vibrational essence and how to apply it to your own physical features. Unlock the hidden gifts in your hair color, eye color and skin tone and Learn what colors to wear and unlock your authentic beauty. This module transforms “pretty” into “radiant”

Week 9

Beauty Codes: Part 2 - Contrast and Texture

Learn the principles of Contrast and Texture as we explore what fabrics bring out the beauty of your skin and hair. It is time to fully embody your beauty at any age, regardless of the texture and tone of your skin.

Week 10


Want to open to an exquisite life? It is time to have exquisite boundaries, learn where boundaries live in your body, so you can trust yourself 100%. Learn how to say “no” while keeping your heart open and never again sacrifice your truth.

Week 11

Release Shame

Learn about shame, where it comes from and how to dissolve it so you can walk feeling confident and free.

Guest teachings on the sacred nature and power of your sexuality.

Week 12

Permission Granted

You will learn to use writing, energy practices, therapeutics, and dance and movement to release any layers left of needing permission and fully step in your full self.


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