April 29, 2019

I Was So Tired…

It was two weeks postpartum and I was due for a meeting with my executive assistant at home.

She was coming over around noon and the most I had slept had been 90 minutes at a time since the birth and to say I was tired is an understatement.

The good news is I was still pretty high on oxytocin and didn’t really know how tired I was- just that I didn’t have my full brain power.

Fast forward to noon that day and Rose and I were sitting in my living room while I nursed and Aaron walked by asking how we were doing…

To which I answered… actually it’s amazing how much energy I have to work on my business.

His response… It’s called being on purpose babe… ‘Alignment’

It’s a real thing…

You could ask my friend Kerry who will tell you it’s amazing how much energy she has now that she has left her ‘soul sucking’ corporate job serving the patriarchy… (her words, not mine).

I am not saying go quit your job this minute! In fact, I firmly believe we are where we are for a reason and if you happen to wake up while you are serving a lesser vision, consider you are meant to bring the awakening to your field as much as you can before you leave.

More importantly, I want to remind you that you can have a life and vocation that are aligned with your soul’s evolution, purpose, and higher values.

Life’s too short for you to pump yourself full of caffeine just to get through the day.

Always love,


P.S Don’t worry- my working has been minimal (5-7 hrs a week for the past seven weeks since giving birth).

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