Time to Radiate All Of Who And What You Are!

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Welcome Dear Sister

It is YOUR time to evolve past the limitations of fear and shame into the fullest expression of your SOUL.

You are being called into a new evolution of who you are…

You ARE the light this world has been waiting for. You do not need to change who you are to receive your dreams.

In fact, the only ”to do” is to BECOME more you, than you have ever been.

It is here and NOW you get to experience your evolution… and the first step towards your evolution is giving yourself full permission!

If you have arrived here it is your time to experience your “Authentic Beauty”

Claim Your FULL Self Now

Step into the radiant light that you are!

Your past does not define you and the future is waiting to be written by YOU through the choices you make NOW.

You may choose now to stand as SHE who is Sacred… divine…empowered.

SHE contains sacred “beauty codes” that when activated turn you on to radiate all of who and what you are!

It is your time…You are ready for your sacred SHE to be unleaSHEd!

And… remember…NO apologies EVER!

This is —

Welcome to an international community of women that are embracing their “authentic beauty” and power to transform their lives and uplift humanity!

It is my joy and honor to meet you here, I love you.

Premier Embodied Feminine Leadership Mentor | Coach | Activator

For ten years Anahita Joon has served as the premier mentor to women who are called to disrupt the status quo. Anahita’s clients include visionaries, mothers, CEOs, Artists, and healers who are here to be the LIGHT in their FULL Sacred SHE expression.

We believe wholeheartedly in the world changing/paradigm shifting power of the leadership of healed women.


To Evolve To All Of Who And What You Are


Experience the Transformative Power of She School

A petal by petal
Opening by opening
Journey into
remembering who you are what you REALLY want
And learning how to LIVE it.

A gateway to gain access to your unique divine feminine beauty codes and release the shackles of old beliefs that have kept you from radiating your authentic beauty!

Introduction to SHE School

This self paced course is for when you are ready to commit to clearing away the emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual debris that have stood in the way of your full inner-outer glow Soul Expression. From experiencing safety within your body to Transmuting Your Anger into POWER (especially if you think you don’t have any) or activating your universal intelligence through our wildly popular “Shakti” Lifeforce program, these powerful transmissions are a deeply empowering journey into the heart of who you are and what is possible for you.

Get connected to our international community of women. Receive monthly support calls and Facebook Group access. Gain access to teachings and content that has been only available within our “high ticket” programs. This is the best value course we offer! Bring It On!



Beauty UnleaSHEd - She School's Signature Program

Imagine what it would feel like to walk through the world with an unshakeable knowing of exactly who you came here to be, expressing your most TRUE and Radiant Soul. Imagine being fully seen in your divine essence, and embodying style and the kind of grace that infuses you when you are fully alive. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Discover The Power of Beauty UnleaSHEd.

8 Day Journey: Radiance

A 8-day free course offered only twice a year for women ready to embody their beauty, claim their sensuality, and express their power.

During this course, you’ll learn how to see your essence and soul vibration. I will show you how to live your FULL Self freely in Your body with your FULL power. I will teach you practices and strategies you can implement right now to see your beauty, experience vitality and create your reality.


Free Resources

To Nourish Your Soul

Discover these free resources that support you to meet more of YOU and awaken your essence.

What Women Like You Are Saying

We have supported thousands of women from all over the world to see and embody their “authentic beauty” through activating their “unique beauty codes.”


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To move out of oppression we must embrace our erotic nature

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Community. Unity.

What’s your Power Archetype?

Take the Quiz to find out your unique gifts.