An experiential 3-day Program

Here you stand at the intersection of your life…you can either continue upon the road of predictability, playing it safe and pretending you don’t know the true value of who and what you are..


This is your freedom sister…this is your power…this is who and what you are!

Why Join?

This road will lead you into the adventure of the “unknown” and magic of who and what you are…this road expands you and your perspective on how to CREATE your life by  implementing technologies that have been, until now, reserved only for the “High Priestess.”

Whether you are in corporate or an entrepreneur, mother or all of it there is a new expansive view of the nature of reality just waiting for you here and now.

There is an ease and grace calling you forward…because deep down you know SHE is waiting for you to rise…

This is CREATRIX…SHE who CREATES…. a 3 day live FREE event with the Founder of SHE School Anahita Joon.

Join us for this powerful 3-day event that will lead you to new vistas and realizations of your dreams.

This Experiential Master class is unique, for the first time EVER we will meet on ZOOM and have a live group coaching session for integration of the teachings each of the 3 days. This is the same way we run our client programs. 

We thought it was time to increase our impact in the community. 

See you there!