Inside every woman lives a rich and vivid destiny. It’s time to discover, liberate, and fully live yours

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Thousands of women have unleashed their freedom and are now living and loving their dreams because of this work. Are you ready? YES?!? 

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Have you felt it?

If you’re here, you are one of the agents of change

You have done what you had to do, and reached certain levels of accomplishment. And yet… something is missing.

That something is the whisper from your intuition repeating over and over, “It’s time… and there must be another way…” That something is the pulse of your dreams, waiting to be set free.

You are not alone. And you have nothing to feel guilty about.

So many women can feel the fire within themselves, and they quiet it, snuff it out, stay in line.

Until the day they can’t anymore. And, on that day, you become awakened to your own radiance and to the awareness that you weren’t born to be quiet, still or perfect.

Why Are We So Unfulfilled?

Our patriarchal society causes us to hide our talents, our dreams, and our true natures.

We struggle with who we are, and who we THINK we are, and who we are expected to be.

Corporate culture, toxic relationships, or suppressive upbringing further cause women to dim their divine essence to conform to what’s “expected…”

Because sometimes it feels easier… Until it just isn’t.

Are you ready to experience ALIVENESS and RADIANCE in a whole new way?

YES!? Here’s how you know—

Your Desires are Your Birthright

Unify the fire within to the outward manifestation of your longest-held dreams, and then you set forth the ripple effect of magic and miracles that happen when…

Beauty is UnleaSHEd

Finally, a complete transformational experience designed to activate your unique Beauty Codes, connect you to your soul mission, and bring your dream into reality.

Welcome Sister,

My name is Anahita Joon founder of “SHE School.” For the past decade I have served women from all over the world who are ready to CLAIM their authentic beauty, divine power. It is my joy and privilege to serve you.

What is Beauty UnleaSHEd?

Our signature 6 month transformational program. Beauty Unleashed offers you the codes of feminine embodiment, connects you to your authentic beauty, and supports you to create a whole new level of aliveness, possibility, and freedom.

Shedding the societal templates of beauty helps you break through to the best part of you. The divine Goddess within. SHE is calling you. And SHE is ready to play a bigger game.

Beauty Unleashed is the key to embodying YOUR unique beauty codes, radiating vitality, and living your vision/mission, now.

Sister, it's your time set free the TRUEST most alive version of you. YES, you can have it this good.

Experience the five pillars of Beauty UnleaSHEd

EMBODY ESSENCE | Your Unique Beauty Codes

Through the psychology of the color palette, discover your authentic beauty codes and learn how to embody them. Finally heal yourself and be free of body shame, so you can own your feminine beauty. This includes guidance for curating your soul-aligned wardrobe that helps show the world the real you! You will open your closet, and experience the joy of saying “There I Am!”


During Beauty Unleashed, you’ll learn where the power archetypes live in your body and how to embody them so you can harness their combined power. Each archetype carries a unique energy and lives in a specific space in your body. Each has its own activation code. As you flip each switch, you will feel the sensation moving through your body and soul; turning on lights, activating powers and moving into the version of yourself you’ve always wanted to become. Discover the gift each archetype will offer you by clicking on the arrows below.

The Archetypes you get to embody:


We learn by contrast. Unearth the hidden subconscious patterns that have kept you stuck. It is in shining a light on our shadows that we become able to know what we want, to set boundaries and to protect ourselves from old programming. With support of embodiment, this work has you making massive shifts in your life.


Awaken the holy life force energy in your body to feed your creativity, revitalize your sex life, and fully communicate with your own intuition. Eroticism is not just tied to sex (although sex lives have radically transformed through this work), it is harnessing the power of nature; the power to create that lives in your body. It is also connected to your life’s vision, your imagination, your life force, your creativity and your intuition.


The pain of all the times you weren’t met, all the times you didn’t feel seen, all the ways you wished your true essence would have been celebrated will be witnessed and healed. Experience the Sisterhood of Beauty Unleashed. The intimacy allows us to heal the traumas of a world that hasn’t seen us.

What you’ll experience during our 6 months together

01. Two Virtual Retreats (2 days each)

This experience is deeply nourishing and totally transformational:


Three live coaching calls/monthly

For the 6 months to integrate and heal all that is coming up through the teachings.


Pre-recorded Embodiment Practices

For activating each of the archetypes and where they live in your body to elicit deep self-knowing:

See The Full Curriculum


A 30-minute private coaching call / monthly

With one of our coaches to tune you up when you need it.... This is your hotline to healing. Use your calls to get your questions answered and the support you need to continue on your journey of transformation.


A private Facebook group

To share your discoveries with your supportive Sisters and communicate with our team of coaches and Anahita as well.


A second 3 day retreat

Ticket included to the annual In-person Retreat In Hawaii with Anahita and Our Team of Coaches— 3 Days of Absolute Magic with Anahita, live in-person!


A collage of all your archetypes.

So you can continue to stay in resonance with your true essence and see YOURSELF! Plus, continued access to aligned clothing, so you see you in your wardrobe.

What Latest Grads are Saying


Are You Ready To Claim Your Power?

Hear From Our UnleaSHEd Beauties

“Anahita is a genius– a brilliant sorceress of feminine superpowers. She makes a powerful stand for every woman’s success and refuses to believe in limits.” –– Eva, Sexuality Teacher

“Working with Anahita felt like a truly transformational experience. So much more than what looked cute or good on me. Anahita is a true teacher. She really could SEE me and reflect back to me what my truest essence is. I feel so different. I feel more confident, I feel more “ME” and more embodied in my feminine than I’ve ever felt. –– Christine

Anahita just creates a really sacred safe space so you get to come with all your vulnerability, you get to come with all your fears, and it’s all welcome. And in that place, you make your shift….your shift happens. Even if you’re just thinking about joining this group, go for that, follow that. More women need this medicine. More women need this work… –– Azaria

“When I wear my colors, I hold my head higher and feel more confident, but the experience has been about much more than my colors. Working with Anahita has brought me more confidence overall. The embodiment practices have helped me touch into areas of myself that have been frozen for a lifetime. From the shut down, isolated old-fashioned and embittered housewife that I was, this space, community, and Anahita’s guidance has started opening doors of healing within me and surprising insights into myself.” –– Jane, Activist & Mom

“When I saw what Beauty Unleashed was about, I knew it wasn’t just makeup or clothing. But, it really was about inner beauty and bringing that online and being able to hold it and hold that power and be ok with it and be confident with it and know that it’s not too much.” –– Stacè

Seeing myself for the first time in my colors, I came alive and it was life changing! Find yourself and come home to yourself.” – JODY

“I feel like I came back to myself, like I’ve been hiding for a long time, blocking a lot of my natural talents and gifts. Beauty Unleashed helped me come back to who I am and remember I don’t need to block the world out. I’m suppose to be sharing my natural gifts.” –– Angelina

Beauty Unleashed sells out fast so claim your freedom and join our worldwide movement of women!

There is no reason to delay the beginning of your new life! Can you imagine what it would feel like to walk through the world with confidence, poise, style and the kind of grace that infuses you when you are fully alive?

Hear From Our UnleaSHEd Beauties

“This program is really effective at moving through many layers of what I call scarspatterns of behaviour, that really need to be let go to step into your fullness. Invest in yourself. It’s so worth it. It’s going to pay off many, many times. If you wanna shift in a deep way, in a profound way in the area of being and how you relate to others, this will free you to be yourself.” –– Jackie

“I joined Beauty Unleashed because I knew I needed to reach my full aliveness and potential. I learned selflove- that I’m exactly who I’m meant to be, my body’s exactly what it’s meant to be and I learned to step into the financial abundance available to me. I’ve done other programs and this process with Anahita allowed you to go deeper to find the full essence of who you are.” –– Vidya

“I’ve had this story in my head that I don’t really belong anywhere because I have a white mom and Black dad and I’ve operated in worlds that just don’t talk to each other. I’ve had this story in my head that I don’t really belong anywhere because I have a white mom and Black dad and I’ve operated in worlds that just don’t talk to each other. This side of the family is different from that side of the family. I went to an elite Liberal Arts college and I work in low income communities, and those communities never interact. I walk this line where I don’t quite feel like I belong in either world because I have this other part of me that’s not seen and I don’t feel comfortable expressing it or holding that space. One of the things that came into integration for me is that I’m 100% that, I get to be 100% all of that.” – Jackie

“Working privately with Anahita introduced me to my authentic beauty and my soul essence on a profound level. She taught me to look and most importantly SEE myself deeply. It has empowered me to trust my voice and share my message with full, radiant confidence. With Anahita’s guidance, I have taken leaps in my business and mission I would have otherwise not taken. I can now feel and look my brightest so that my essence and image match my leadership and mission.” –– Veronica

“I felt good about myself, and what I wore, but I definitely wore clothes based on other people’s ideas of what I should be wearing. After working with Anahita, I am feeling like a Goddess. I feel like I float in everything I wear. I am SEEN. People, especially men, notice and compliment me. I am ME! I feel completely at home in my body, my skin; I am connected to my power, and I have an even greater selflove than when I began.” –– Lena

“Working with Anahita has been nothing short of a personal revolution. The most beautiful part is that, like all transformation, she is able to meet you just where you are, and can go as far as you are willing to go. Her very presence feels like a good, long, invigorating stretch into who you are capable of being.” –– Andrea

“When I got on the phone with Anahita it was like she read me. She knew all about me before I even said anything. My goal was to be seen and heard and this is the first program where I’ve gone through the whole thing. This one was so engaging and amazing and the transformations were incredible.” –– Janet

“What Beauty Unleashed gave me was more of me, more of a love for myself and really a skill set around how to express myself and present myself to the world in a way that is more and more of me and my essence.” –– Rima

Testimonials of your Sisters

Our values & giving back

We strive to recommend sustainable and ethically made clothing as much as possible and will only feature these designers in our personal retreats.

Your commitment to yourself is also a commitment to our beautiful world. 

Anahita Inc is committed to supporting organizations that help victims of  human trafficking and exploitation. When you join Beauty Unleashed, donations are made to one or more of these powerful organization. One of our incredible partners is Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). We are committed to shifting the consciousness of the planet by supporting people across the globe to experience freedom, healing, and livelihood, with the current launch of Beauty Unleashed.

13 | Pre-recorded embodiment practices

Learning to see yourself vibrationally is the first step to authentic self expression. You have an opportunity to unplug from the stories here and begin tuning into the gifts bestowed upon you

Video training on your season– Learn how you are intimately connected to Mother Earth and how you can start, right now, to tap into the energy vortex she offers!

What I learned PDF– A self discovery exercise and the beginning of your new story.

This is an embodiment practice so you can stay in your body as you become visible. This is a deep healing from traumas that have affected a sense of safety or your own choices that may have affected the balance of the first energy center- whose primary function is to give you permission to belong.

Contrast, Texture, Complexity, Scale and Proportion- These principles are all essential to creating outfits, coming into visibility and holding others attention with ease.

Your clothes are the casing of your body- the temple! They are the first visible expression of your essence, a tangible representation of who you are and it is in this module that you will begin to understand how your clothes are an extension of your soul.

Includes 4 self-discovery exercises: 

  • Contrast – High Medium & Low
  • Texture
  • Complexity
  • The Principles of Scale & Proportion
  • The Principle of Visual Weight
  • The Principle of Sacred Geometry
  • Too often design is dismissed as flippant or materialistic. But the Goddess knows that design is a form of personal artistic expression. You will learn to work with these sacred principles as a bridge to defining your own personal style.
  • Exercises for integration of your essence
  • Who SHE is & the Invocation
  • The Shadow of The Mystic and how it informs your daily experience of life
  • Mystic Embodiment Practice for the ultimate awakening of Feminine energy
  • Mystic Invocation
  • Introduction to the Series of Archetypes and how the energy of each can be invoked as you desire.
  • Who SHE is and the Invocation — Queen, Visionary, and Sorceress
  • The Shadow of each archetype 
  • Queen, Visionary, and Sorceress Embodiment Practice
  • Invocation Practice
  • Bonus Assignment
  • Who She is and the Invocation
  • The Shadow of The Sensual Body
  • Sensual Body Embodiment Practice
  • Who She is and the Invocation
  • The Shadow of The MUSE
  • Muse Embodiment Practice
  • Muse- Steps to Take
  • Who She is and the Invocation
  • The Shadow of The Nurturer
  • Nurturer Embodiment practice
  • Nurturer- Steps to Take
  • Who She is and the invocation
  • The Shadow of The Inner Child
  • Inner Child- Steps to Take to activate the embodiment of joy.
  • Who SHE is and the Invocation
  • The Shadow of The Wild Woman
  • Wild Woman Embodiment Practice
  • Wild Woman Steps to take