Embody Your Radiance

So long as you value yourself and your freedom to make an investment in your beauty, confidence, desire and power then you are on the path..

It is you, the woman who embodies these qualities that changes the world!

There have been so many of you that want their unique customized psychology of color palette to activate their beauty codes but haven’t for whatever reason been able to invest in the Beauty Unleashed 6 Month Experience.

This is why I have created for you…an incremental next step…

For the 1st time ever !

A program that is just the right fit for you here and now!

Here’s what you will receive:

Your Very Own Customized Psychology of Color Palette

A unique color palette created for you (based on your photos and videos you send us) showcasing your psychology of color. A life changing tool for truly seeing your divine beauty and coming into authentic visibility as your true self.

Value $2,500

All of the Beauty Codes Modules From The Beauty Unleashed Experience

  • Access to the full teachings from Anahita on
  • How to embody your unique essence
  • How to dress your inner light
  • How to come into Focus through understanding and embodying your Sacred Design Principles

Value $3,000

3 Months of Group Calls (6 calls total)

3 months of Bi-weekly group calls where you deepen your understanding of all the Beauty Codes teachings, ask questions, receive coaching and take your visibility and healing to another level.

Value $3,000

SHE School Introductory Course

This includes multiple self paced programs with life changing teachings on how to establish your spiritual practice and how to embody them.

  • How to transmute anger to power (even if you think you don’t have any anger) practice
  • How to activate and work with the power of your LIFEFORCE and use it to facilitate your own healing
  • And so much more

Value $997

1 Complimentary Ticket To Our In Person 3 Day Retreat in Hawaii in April of 2023

Access to the most exquisite life changing annual SHE School Retreat to spend THREE days in person with Anahita and the sisterhood.
Prepare for major upgrades and healing!

(Many of our graduates have said if all they got was the retreat that would be well worth their investment)

Value $5,000

Lookbook according to Your Essence

A fully laid out visual for you to keep on how to always keep your outer essence matched with your inner light.

Value $2,000

2 Day Opening Virtual Retreat of the Beauty Unleashed Experience

A life changing 2 day retreat focused on deep inner healing and waking up of your life force energy. Embodied Ancestral healing and clearing of what you have been carrying in your body that no longer serves you. You activate your life force in your body and clear the path ahead and lay down the burdens of shame that have prevented you from shining your brightest light in the world.

Value $2,500

Facebook Group

Access Support Sisterhood and coaching for Learn How To Maximize Your Palette & Wardrobe


Total Value = $18,997!

One Pay = $3,697!

Flexible Payment Options Also Available

Your Next Step

This work will revolutionize your personal and professional life. I have witnessed over and over but don’t only take my word for it…

“Anahita is a genius– a brilliant sorceress of feminine superpowers. She makes a powerful stand for every woman’s success and refuses to believe in limits.” –– Eva, Sexuality Teacher

Anahita just creates a really sacred safe space so you get to come with all your vulnerability, you get to come with all your fears, and it’s all welcome. And in that place, you make your shift….your shift happens. Even if you’re just thinking about joining this group, go for that, follow that. More women need this medicine. More women need this work… –– Azaria

“When I wear my colors, I hold my head higher and feel more confident, but the experience has been about much more than my colors. Working with Anahita has brought me more confidence overall. The embodiment practices have helped me touch into areas of myself that have been frozen for a lifetime. From the shut down, isolated old-fashioned and embittered housewife that I was, this space, community, and Anahita’s guidance has started opening doors of healing within me and surprising insights into myself.” –– Jane, Activist & Mom

If the pain of staying small and not radiating your authentic beauty has reached its peak then it is time to let go… exhale…. and receive the support and sisterhood that you deeply desire…