Archetypal Embodiment

What do archetypes have to do with growth work?

The benefit of the archetypes is to experience fluidity and freedom inside your everyday life. For example, if you’re negotiating for a job, you get to activate the “Queen Archetype.” She is the woman that understands her power, her worth, it’s embodied…it is felt… In other words, her beingness conveys her worth. It’s not just about what she says. It’s about who she is. And how people experience her…

Maybe, what you’re really seeking is deep, genuine friendships that light you up with joy and bring out the most magical version of you. If this is you, you get to activate and embody the “Playful Woman.”

Perhaps, you need to work on fierce boundaries, holding your sovereign container, discerning who gets to be in your life, and who you give your time to….if this is you sister, you get to cultivate direct access to your “Wild Woman.”

Archetypal embodiment is the key to your divine feminine evolution because each archetype gives you direct access to a unique gift…

The more of you that you can access the more empowered you become.

These can be unlocked with embodiment practices, ways-of-being, color-work, activations, and sound codes. This is all possible with the SHE School signature programs.

Take the power archetype quiz if you’d like to find out what your most repressed archetype is and determine what archetype is most alive in you so you can leverage her strengths.

Check out the gifts of each archetype below!


Heals the Leadership of others and community leadership.

Warrior Woman

Strength and perseverance, called to justice


Possibility – big life, playing a bigger game

Playful Woman

Joy, healing the inner child


Self-love & nourishment

Wild Woman

Boundaries, high intuition

Sensual Woman

Desire and sexual healing


Manifestation and magic

Mystic Woman

Spiritual expansion & inspiration