What’s your power archetype?

Take this Archetypal Assessment and get a revealing description of who you are, your unique gift, and your most expressed & repressed feminine archetypes.

Hello Beauty

This is not just a quiz, it’s an invitation to be even more YOU. As women, it is essential that we answer the longing to be our totally unique and unconditionally loving selves. Deepen into the truest version of your self, shed the shame, and unleash the fullness of your beauty into the world. We need ya, sister.

After this quiz, you’ll receive all this—

A full reflection of your Power Archetype, so can embrace your unique strengths and deepen into your natural beauty and abilities.

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Wait, What’s a Power Archetype?

An archetype is an energetic signature or essence blueprint. This comes with immense power when you harness it. Once you know it, you can anchor the essence to liberate more-and-more of your essence and feminine power. Take the quiz and find out your power archetype.

The Mission

Here at the SHE School, our mission is to help women everywhere. The founder of SHE school, Anahita Joon created powerful tools that wake up your aliveness and support you to embody your unbridled divine self.