I am Anahita

It's your time sisters

I know the pain of ‘playing life’ by somebody else’s rules.

I know the anxiety, stress and pressure to ‘fit in’ confines us to the prison of our minds. I know you desire to connect to that deep mystical feminine part of yourself that is connected to it all. And, I know you desire to break free, experience total sovereignty, more and more, every day.

Nobody understands these desires more than I do. I understand the pain of oppression and repression.

This is why I stand for you…

Creating More. Doing less.

Layer by layer I have and will continue to unravel myself from the claws of outdated belief systems. As a mother to my three year old son, my most recent initiation was that of learning to grow and expand while doing less. I reclaimed my relationship with “time” and “doing” to be my own and have been doing less and creating more.

The freedom you seek requires you see other women being, doing, having what feels good to you.

This is how you remember what is truly possible

My Soul’s Journey as both


A Child of the Revolution

I grew up during the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Wars and bombs were the landscape of my childhood.

My Mom had left when I was one, and I was required to wear a hijab starting at the age of 3. I spent my early adolescence seeking permission…

Permission to be wild and free.

Permission to surrender.

Permission to experience ecstasy in my body.

Permission to get the most juice out of this life experience.

But that permission never came. I struggled in this repressive regime that was not aligned with my soul.

At nine years old, I had a machine gun pointed to my head because my hair was exposed!

Growing up, I swirled, how do I find liberation when raised in a culture so laden with oppression? What is aliveness when living in a house that feels like death?

A New Life in America

When I was 14, I moved to America to live with my mom and find freedom. Determined to break out of patriarchy and thrive, I was one of the youngest leaders in the personal development programs. I survived childhood sexual trauma and found SOUL liberation and sexual empowerment.

Still, I discovered that the patriarchy wasn’t limited to the Middle East. Oppression was here, in America, as well, controlling women, dictating what they did and what they looked like.

As an immigrant, I tried desperately to fit in. I dyed my hair blond and straightened my curls. I rejected my God- given beauty in the hopes that the world would accept my WOMANliness.

at I didn’t know is that while I believed I was liberated, I was still shackled by my upbringing, still holding on to someone else’s ideals of who I should be and how I should act.

While I grew and explored my own identity and expression, I compartmentalized the parts of my life. I felt, in-pieces. The split became unbearable…

A reawakening that saved my life…

By age 22, I had been married and divorced.

My divorce catapulted me into a dark night of the soul that ultimately led to my awakening, but not before facing an addiction to food and illegal substances.

I experienced severe depression and contemplated suicide. I spent years taking antidepressants and over time, successfully became medication free.

During this reawakening, I had a mystical initiatory experience with the Divine Feminine. This forever changed the trajectory of my journey and led me to be of service to the healing and empowerment of women.

I have touched the dark, deep bottom of my Soul and come to live in my full ALIVENESS and BEAUTY.

You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.


Living and Loving Alive

It is my JOY to make a profound difference in the lives of others using my creativity and sharing my natural gifts. Everything I share with you is everything that sets me free.

I am wild about creating beauty from the union of opposites: the place where spirituality and sensuality meet, where light and dark dance, where soft and hard meet. This is what we are all made of, and to me, it is where the juice of life is the sweetest.

Today, I enjoy the sweet nectar of life living in beautiful Hawaii with my husband, Aaron, and our son, Atlantis.

It is my honor to be in divine service to the collective evolution of women in my local community while also serving a global clientele of Visionary Women who value beauty, aliveness and legacy.

Let me help you

open the door to your sacred aliveness and power so you can fall in love with yourself and live your radiance.

About Anahita Joon

Anahita Joon, Founder of Radiance, Beauty Unleashed and CEO of Anahita, Inc, has supported thousands of women around the world to step out of shame and into their beauty, power and pleasure. Born during the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Anahita is a mentor, modern day priestess, healer and spiritual counselor. She knows what oppression does to women and has dedicated her life to awakening women to their sacred primal energy and unleashing its life-giving wisdom.

Anahita’s work is the culmination of 25 years of intensive study with mystic masters, yogis and shamans, social research, and over ten years of her own teaching and facilitation. Currently an Embodied Feminine Leadership mentor, in her past, she has also been a yoga teacher by day, stripper by night and worshiper of the divine mystery. She lives in Hawaii with her husband, Aaron, and her son, Atlantis.


permission to

live your life on your terms.

Let’s get started on the journey of shedding the shame and embracing your power. It’s time, Sister.

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